Vascular lesions

Vascular lesions

Broken capillaries and tiny blood vessels that have become visible near the surface of the skin that usually appears as blotches or streaks are skin problems. They are commonly called spider veins because of their spider web-like appearance.

Spider Veins
They are actually tiny, delicate veins that have come to the surface of the skin and are still circulating blood in the face. When the walls of these veins narrow and widen suddenly, bursting may occur. Some of them cannot repair themselves or cannot go back to their normal thickness without the help of treatment. These can be found around the nose, cheeks, and mouth, on the neck, on the upper chest and legs. People with fair skin are more prone to broken capillaries than people with a dark complexion. Also susceptible are people with dry and dehydrated skin and also people with sensitive skin who have thinner and less protected layers of tissue.

Causes of Vascular Lesion
There are veins in the body that has weak or abnormal structure. This compromised valve allows the blood to flow back into the vein. An accumulation of the blood can cause pressure on the vein. Over time this pressure can weaken the blood vessel and cause an enlargement of the blood vessel causing the vascular lesions. Generally, vascular lesions are not a health risk however, it creates an unsightly appearance. Factors that contribute to getting vascular lesions : laesies:

– Hereditary

– Pregnancy

– Hormonal changes

– Weak blood vessels

– Prolonged standing or sitting

– High heeled shoes that restrict the blood circulation in the calf muscle

– Sun exposure can cause spider veins on the face especially around the nose

– Medical conditions

GentleMax Pro Laser System
C Dermacare is here to help you treat vascular lesions. The GentleMax Pro Laser system can safely and effectively treat blood vessels. The advanced laser technology allows the professional to deliver a precise dosage of energy to each vein with minimal risk on the skin. The laser energy targets the blood pigments, causing the blood within the veins to coagulate and close the veins.

Is the treatment painful?
People who have undergone this treatment find it comfortable and painless. There is only a slight tingling sensation but the patented cooling device of the GentleMax Pro provides instant relief.

Is it safe?
C Dermacare uses the FDA approved GentleMax Pro, which is the latest in laser technology. It is proven effective based on the results from thousands of treatments performed over the years . This machine is a product of Syneron Candela, a leader in laser treatment systems.

How many treatments are required?
On the average, patients need to undergo 2-3 treatments depending on the severity of the vascular lesion. Small and thin vascular lesions can improve after one treatment.

What is the downtime and recovery after a treatment?
This treatment has no downtime. There might be some redness on the face after the treatment but it will be gone after a few hours. This is because the laser does not affect the integrity of the skin. It targets only the blood cells and the veins on the affected area. The healing process is taking place underneath the skin and not visible.

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