Laser Pigment Removal

celeste dermacare laser pigment removal

Laser pigment removal with the Candela GentleMax Pro

The Best Technology for Laser Pigment Treatment with GentleMax Pro Suitable for the aging process and excessive sun exposure.

Pigment spots are discolorations on the skin caused by an overproduction of melanin. There can be various causes such as; the aging process, overexposure to the sun, hormone changes, certain skin conditions and inflammation. The laser absorbs too much pigment and therefore gives off heat only on the lesion causing it to burn, as it were, too much pigment.

It is possible to remove facial pigments, pigments on the hands, neck or elsewhere on the body. Usually this concerns pigmentation spots as a result of sun damage. However, not every pigmentation spot is treatable.

Only pigmentations in the top skin layer can be treated. In addition, pigments -as a result of hormonal change- are also very risky because they can result in expanding the pigments (think of melasma, also known as pregnancy mask). For pigment spot removal we advise to only get treated in autumn and winter.


Laser Pigmentverwijdering Den Haag


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